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    An Interactive Guide for Getting Modern Jobs

    *We've done over 1,000 hours of research and interviewed over 50 hiring managers, business owners, executives, recruiters, and candidates who landed their ideal full-time job. Then we compiled it into what we think is the greatest set of resources and interactive tools ever made. With it, you can realistically...

    1. Discover your options

    2. See all the steps it will take

    3. Stay on the right track & make it happen

    4. Save a mountain of time


    See how, below!

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    Have you considered what your top skills and experience could get you in a new full-time role? More than ever before, today's jobs are modernized, comfortable, dynamic, supportive, flexible, and hire based on skills, experience, 'fit', and unique attributes.

    Why did we make this?

    We saw a need. We had the resources and network to pull off the most valuable set of resources we could imagine. And we're solving that need.


    Sound too good to be true?

    This e-bundle is designed to be a highly useful and informational set of resources to aid a realistic goal: Getting a job.

    This interactive how-to guide walks you through the entire process of getting hired, provides stronger pathways, organizes exclusive resources, and elevates you through every step.

    Find your ideal profile of job

    See & track the necessary timeline of activities

    Know where to get in the door

    Skip unfruitful pathways

    Get your resume+ up to par

    Avoid disqualifying yourself

    Minimize trial & error


    And more... read the full list below!

    Align everything it takes for you to be the #1 candidate one time, not the #30 candidate 100 times.


    We make it easier with an exhaustive step by step process created from real success cases, hiring data, over 1,000 hours of research, and interviews with over 50 experts.


    You will be handheld throughout the entire process with our interactive portal.


    Would it solve a lot of problems to land a killer full-time job that uses your most valuable skills, while still providing you modern work rewards and flexibility? This guide is designed to make that pathway real and tangible.

    Like "The Princeton Review," except... The Ultimate Guide for Getting Modern Jobs.


    Be smart. Get ahead of the game.


    Get a full, clear picture of what amazing job possibilities are actually out there for you.


    Get a well-paying job; ideal for you, with team camaraderie, support to grow and learn, and modern work flexibility.




    *** In This Bundle ***


    A Proverbial Parachute

    A chance to understand your options, as well as the benefits and realism of a great full-time job... at a time when job cultures and workplaces are made for modern rewards and flexibility.


    Discovery Tool

    Determine the best job profile you can successfully and enthusiastically pursue—based on your skills, experience, and personal needs.


    This tool helps you track all your skills—including skills you didn't realize were so valuable—and uncover the roles they will get you.


    Step-By-Step Checklists

    See EVERYTHING you will need to do (mapped out in order over a REAL TIMELINE)—Outlined with guiding resources at every step.


    Interactive Project Board

    Log In & Track the checklists / action steps. It's all laid out for you. Follow the agenda. Check it off. Organize resources in your own Project Management Portal—like having it managed for you.


    High Value Pathways

    We have deep insights into the BEST SELECT channels and pathways for each profile of job—vetted for track record of actual hires, and, worthy of your focus (ex. boards, company lists, recruiters, how to approach, and networking).


    Powerful DOs and DON'Ts

    Avoid hurting your chances or raising red flags without realizing it. Get exclusive insights into what little things hiring managers use to extend vs. disqualify candidates.


    Templates Based on Real Hires

    Skip trial & error and second-guessing. For resumes, communication, cover letters, portfolios, emails... formatting is 5% of it; critical, standout, concise, detailed info is 95%.


    Interview & Phone Call Memos

    Be polished & precise; invoke quality, not quantity. You need to be the #1 candidate ONE TIME, not the #30 candidate 100 times. Prep will make the difference.


    Vetted Shortcuts

    You need to get to the front of the line, not the back of the line. We gathered data points and real examples to reverse engineer the actual ways hired candidates ended up at the front of the line.


    Company Lists

    Get lists of companies currently hiring for certain jobs, categorized by special criteria (ex. businesses that allow remote work).


    Personal Feedback

    Access the community for ongoing support and personal feedback.


    Approach Strategies

    We've got exclusive strategies for how to win interviewers over. By following the full process, it will come naturally to you.

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    ***In the end, this set of resources isn't magical. It won't guarantee a job. (There are countless well-known factors in successfully getting a job.) But getting a great job is something that billions of people have accomplished; you can set your sights and do it, too. These guides and tools will, without a trace of doubt, provide a refined head start for a candidate or anyone considering a new job. They will provide vetted info, ongoing support, and truly valuable resources that took over 1,000 hours and input from over 50 of the most relevant people we could gather. It will cost about the same as those books people buy when applying for college. Ø big upsells. Ø services/coaching. Ø pyramid schemes. Ø let-downs. It's just purely valuable, affordable information that everyone should have—made for the modern day. (This edition will be most valuable for people with experience and skills in marketing, digital products, design, writing, and customer success, including anyone who has run their own business or provided freelancing services.)


    Listen, we know there's tons of resources and content out there, but what we've done is filter through to the most critical info, help you cut straight to the finish line, organize that all in one place, and format parts of it in practically usable checklists, guides, and examples with critical stipulations for success. For an affordable cost, we think you'll get your money's worth just with the head start this provides. Then, this will save you anywhere between 5 and 500 hours, especially when considering the potential for backtracking on your efforts. Moreover, we hope it's a recurring kick in the butt that's there for you whenever you need it. Use all of these resources and achieve your goal as fast as possible. Or just learn about what opportunities are out there.