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  • A classic process, marrying creatives with quantified objectives



    Define Objectives

    Define objectives at broad levels, first, with timelines and quantified goals. Common growth stage objectives include:

    • 20%-300% revenue growth in 2-12 months
    • 20%-300% usership growth in 2-12 months
    • Acquire next funding round in 6-12 months
    • Build assets & resources into the business in a 3 month period

    Implement Framework for Success

    Organize projects with hedges where we ensure overall success. So for each big initiative, we may support it with the work of 3 avenues, 10 segments, and 100 ideas. We set measured criteria for success at each step and ship on schedule. Initiatives may include:

    • Conversion rate optimization
    • Sustainable Google, FB, IG advertising
    • Solving retention, lifetime value, or customer engagement
    • Other special initiatives
      (Ex. acquiring key partnerships, achieving a measurable level of word of mouth virality)

    Move The Needle

    Make big leaps in optimizing critical business performance metrics by thinking numbers first. We create the space to foster creative triumph that makes the requisite quantified difference.

    • User Empathy
      Reshape UX and communications while understanding the users' thoughts and feelings during product interactions.
    • Backward Induction
      A decision tree formed backwards to illuminate the necessary steps and benchmarks.
    • Authenticity
      A pillar of creative works that leads to equilibria and synergies faster.
    • Best Practices
      Easy wins gained from experience and competitor analysis.

    Optimize Key Variables

    Break down all factors and identify opportunities for transformative gains among all variables impacting the bottom line.

    1. Identify malleable crux points
    2. Brainstorm, gather competitive ideas for improvement
    3. Structure testing & optimization
    4. Repeat


    Approximately all of past clients have achieved one or more of the following results:

    • 20% increased conversion rates
    • 20% increased revenue

    Approximately half of past clients have achieved one or more of the following results*:

    • 75% reduced cost per acquisition
    • Steady 20% month-over-month growth
    • 300% revenue growth
    • $1m - $30m funding acquired

    *Keeping in mind these targets were required tests of survival in many cases.